The Chinese car market is the biggest passenger car market in the world. It became the largest in 2009, and has remained the largest ever since. In 2017, automakers sold 24,2 million passenger cars and for 2018 the forecast shows an plus of 4%.

The number of vehicle sales was largely boosted by the governments's stimulus policies for lifting market demand, which included tax cuts on small-displacement automobiles, subsidies for tradeins and subsidies for farmers to buy vehicles.

To further support the world's fastest growing auto market, the Chinese government stated back in 2015 that it will extend stimulus measures in the automobile industry for one more year.

The government's continued support for the industry promises to fuel its rise for the coming years.

The largest market in the world, with growth poised to accelerate again, is supported by expensive cars, cheap cars, the government, and increasingly by electric cars. China will remain an exciting place for the car industry for a long time coming; the place to be and the spot to watch.


AUTO Shanghai 2014

Auto Shanghai 2021 combines all benefits of a large-scale comprehensive trade fair which serves as an international platform for exhibitors and visitors.

Auto Shanghai, on the basis of the success of the past edition, its innovative concept and first-class again converged all the automotive giants to lead the splendid future of the automotive industry. Auto Shanghai, as one of the two leading trade fairs for the automotive industry in China has received large numbers of exhibitors, visitors and media from all over the world ever since 1985.


AUTO Shanghai 2014 - Key RegionShanghai leads the way of the development of the country and is a superlative city.

Shanghai is, with 18 million habitants, one of the biggest cities in the wolrd and it is the most important industrial city in China.

It was the location of Shanghai at the delta of the Yangzi, the longest and most important river in China, which caused this fantastic rise. Today Shanghai shelters one of the biggest harbours worldwide, is the most important stock-market in China and runs the only Transrapid-connection between the international airport and the city district Pudong.




Auto Shanghai 2021 successfully closed its doors

One of the world's largest auto fairs took place from April 21-28, 2021. Have a look at this year's highlights