The Development of China’s Automotive Market

The Chinese car market is the biggest passenger car market in the world. It became the largest in 2009, and has remained in the lead ever since. The annual vehicle production in China accounts for more than 32 percent of the production worldwide.

Electromobility on the rise

The Chinese automotive market is undergoing the same major transformations as other markets: Trends like autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility are dominating the race for innovations.

Electromobility is the main engine for China’s automotive sector, and the future of mobility in China belongs to electric vehicles.

Chinese brands have significantly increased their combined share of the country’s passenger vehicle market in the last few years to an estimated 55% year to date. The reason for this lies in the growing interest in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, resp. “new energy vehicles” (NEVs), which do already have a market share of 23% in China.

The major international automakers have recognized this situation and have entered the local NEV production continuously in order to catch up with Chinese brands.

The field of autonomous driving vehicles is also attracting more and more companies, as China is making strong efforts to prepare the infrastructure for autonomous vehicles. A 56-km smart expressway, designed for level 4 autonomous driving, has started operating as a test section near east China's Suzhou.

While German manufacturers have been dominating the luxury segment, local OEMs are making up ground by their in-depth understanding of local consumers.


New Energy Vehicle (NEV) market share in 2021


new companies for automous driving in just one year


motor vehicle sales growth expected in 2022

Key region Shanghai

China's financial capital, Shanghai leads the way of the development of the country and is a superlative city. With its 18 million habitants, it is one of the biggest cities in the world and the most important industrial hub in China. It was its location at the delta of the Yangzi, the longest and most important river in China, which caused this fantastic rise. Today Shanghai shelters one of the biggest harbours worldwide, accommodates the most important stock-market of the country and runs the only Transrapid connection between the international airport and the city district of Pudong.

Did you know?

Auto Shanghai combines all benefts of a large-scale comprehensive trade fair which serves as an international platform for exhibitors and visitors.

On the basis of the success of the past editions and its innovative concept, Auto Shanghai brings together all automotive giants every two years to discuss the future of the automotive industry. As one of the two leading trade fairs for the automotive industry in China, Auto Shanghai has received large numbers of exhibitors, visitors and media from all over the world ever since 1985.